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Read carefully all instructions and comply with those that apply to your manuscript to facilitate the publication of your work.

Download the complete instructions as a PDF file. Format your documents following the journal's style.

For initial evaluation submit your articles as PDF files including the following documents:

1) Cover Letter

2) Full Article with references, tables and figures as a single PDF file.

3) Copyright transfer agreement ( Click here  to download a template)

5) Disclosure of conflict of interest (COI):  authors are encouraged to carefully read the guidelines from the ICMJE ( to identify potential COI. When none of the authors have a conflict of interest, a single sentence such as for instance, "Authors declare no conflict of interest" in the cover letter is acceptable for publication. When any author needs to declare a potential conflict of interest, please fill the form available from the ICMJE:

5) Suggested reviewers 2-3 (Click here to download a template)


Submit your article by one of the following options :


- eJournalManager' system: To submit your articles, please click Submit Article.


- e-mail:


- Dropbox: only for articles with large files. Contact us for details.


















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